Choosing A Rug

Choosing A Rug

Why choose a rug for your home?

For added comfort.  

If you have wooden or tiled/stone floors, a lovely rug can dress an expanse of floor, bringing some softness as well as acoustic benefits to your home.  

In the bedroom it can add softness underfoot.
Rugs can define an area.  

If you have an open living area that combines kitchen, dining and living then rugs can assist in showing how that space is used.
To add the Wow factor - Art is not just for the walls.  

Bring in design and add to a colour palette. 

There are so many designs to choose from whether you are into contemporary, abstract designs that make a statement, or are looking for a classic, antique Persian style or you want more texture.  

A rug answers the call!

Image taken from Jennifer Manners, London Collection.

Practical Considerations


Think about how your rug will be made: Hand Knotted ( extremely time consuming) and is the most expensive way of producing a rug. Take note of the knots per square inch also.  The more knots again the more costly that rug will be.

Then you have Hand Tufted.  The skilled artisan works faster with the use of a gun to insert the knots.  These can be very well made and reflect a premium price.

Manufactured rugs in a variety of materials including viscose, polypropylene, PET can look lovely but cost a fraction of the hand knotted rugs.

Family & Pet Considerations

A loop rug could easily be pulled by a pet with claws.  Ensure the chosen rug can be easily cleaned and ask for your rug, to be stain protected if this is possible when being made. 

Area of placement and choice of materials.  

For example a silk rug should be cared for and avoid strong/direct sunlight to ensure the colour does not fade.

How to measure for a rug

Where will the rug be placed and what is its purpose.  If it is to sit under a dining table then please ensure that the dining chairs can sit comfortably on the rug when pulled out to ensure that there are no balance issues. 

In a lounge area, will the rug sit just under a coffee table or will you be sitting the sofa and chairs on the same rug.  Think about the size of the rug in comparison to the area that it will sit.  You would not want your rug to fill most of the room will little space between the walls and the rug edging.  It could end up looking like a shrunken carpet.

Where possible ensure that seating is either sat half on or off the rug.  That said, I have seen several interiors where the client wanted a decent size of rug but is was not possible to ensure all seats were placed on the rug fully  The room looked gorgeous nonetheless.

Environmental Considerations

Check out that the luxury end rugs that are hand knotted and tufted belong to a recognised foundation that protects children and families from exploitation.  The GoodWeave certification is a globally recognised accreditation.

If you would like to chat with our team about a rug for you we are very happy to help.