Your bathroom is your oasis of tranquility to help restore mental and physical wellbeing.  Here we cover the basics to help you achieve this.

The use of natural materials and textures such as wood to bring the outside in - whether you bring in a wooden stool or open shelving for example, you can start to create that spa feel.  Add some greenery and, if like me you tend to kill real foliage, buy some amazing faux ferns.  

Check out our selection of plants that would look great and never need feeding!

Think about how you use your bathroom.  

Do you prefer to have an invigorating shower or wet room, or, do you like to have a lovely soak in a stand alone bath with a glass of bubbles and book to hand? 

One of our clients is struggling with her existing bath.  She is petite and the bath is so big that she is unable to relax into it without slipping under!  

We are resolving that issue taking into account a more fitting size of bath with shelving and accessory furniture to hold her candles and bubbles!

Taking wellness to a whole new level, why not incorporate a sauna and/or steam-room to help invigorate and unwind?  

If you have ever had a sauna you will know how your skin becomes re-vitalised, cleansed and feels like silk.

Consideration of colour, pattern, texture, for flooring, walls, woodwork and ceiling - and don't forget the importance of lighting too! 

Talking of pattern, did you know there are some wonderful wallcoverings specifically suited to bathrooms and shower areas.  

See below and amazing wallcovering by Wall & Deco. 

 We are also able to source a multitude of great designs that are scalable and suitable in shower areas.


When we help you to achieve your perfect bathroom, we produce a floor plan ( for spacial awareness and flow) a room scheme with 3D Diagram and Sample Boards.

We can also bring in a team of experienced trades ( plumbing, tiling, electrician, decorator) so that you know the end result will be a perfect oasis!

Special mention for the imaging supplied by our associates including CP Hart, Minoli, Wall & Deco..  We bring only the best in our designs!